Word Family Dice
Word Family Dice

Word Family Dice

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Word families are groups of words that have a common pattern or groups of letters with the same sound. Mix and match these Word Family Dice to discover words and learn the concept of rhyming, sound patterns, and letter sounds. Handmade in Cambridge, Ontario. These pair well with our Sight Word Blocks as beautiful and unique educational resources. Comes with a drawstring canvas bag for storage.

Set of 10 wooden dice sanded to ensure rounded edges, with letters burned into the wood, and coated with a protective beeswax/oil mixture.

Short O (2 dice)

  • og, ot, op, ob
  • c, h, r, l, p, d

Short U (2 dice)

  • ut, up, un, ud, ub, ug
  • r, s, h, c, b, m

Short I (2 dice)

  • it, in, ig, ip, id
  • h, l, p, b, d, k

Short E (2 dice)

  • et, ed, eg, en
  • m, w, b, l, j, p

Short A (2 dice)

  • ad, am, ad, ag, at, an
  • t, c, s, m, r, b

Dice measure 1.5 inches square. Each set is unique as no two pieces of wood are the same. 

Cleaning and Storage

  • it is recommended that you wipe with a damp cloth using soapy water
  • let wood fully dry after cleaning
  • store in open air containers

Safety First

  • Warning! Potential choking Hazard!
  • Supervision should be given at all times when using products
  • Certified non toxic paints and food grade beeswax are used
  • Products are not meant to be mouthed
  • Not recommended for children under the age of 3

If you're gifting these dice, cards are available here

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